Our HVAC Air Conditioning Standards,

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We VANES ENGINEERING, leading manufacturer of factory fabricated air conditioning ducts. Our primary factors as follows,

  • Strict follow on manufacturing standards.
  • Ensure the quality and quantity as per the requirements.
  • Multiple checkpoints to ensure the quality of delivery in time.

At present we can supply for all kind of HVAC rectangular ducts in the forme of straight, tapper piece, elbows as per the requirement.

We have well equipped and trainied internal design & fabrication team to manufacture ducts. Feel free to share your requirements,

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Our Special Manufacturing Unit Features

Support our customers round the clock.(24/7)


Box Type ducts can be fabricated 400Sq.m per shift.


L Shape ducts cane be fabricated 750Sq.M per shift.


Storage Yard capacity available ~5k Sq.ft.


We are very happy to extend the Air conditioning support and co-ordination with our valued customers and HVAC, MEP & AC duct contractors.

HVAC Duct Designing

Duct quantities can be calculated and numbering drawings will be prepared by our skilled design team.

Quality Certificate

HVAC Air Conditioning ducts are manufactured in approved and certified raw materials of GI sheets.

Fabrication QC

Each ducts will undergone for Quality approval in all aspects of quality & measurements.

HVAC Duct Verification

All duct quantities are verified by both ends to ensure the material quantity digitally.

HVAC Air Conditioning Duct Enquiry

Process all quotation/ enquiry requests from our customers, MEP, HVAC & Air conditioning contractors.

AC Ducting Manufacturing

After the finalization, Air conditioning rectangular ducts will be manufactured with the specific production measurement sheet.

Ducting Quality Approval

Manufactured ducts are individually verified with material quality, measurement as per the drawing and production sheet.

Customer Feedback

Review sincerly about the every customer feedback and take the necessary action to improve the business relationship.

Air Conditioning Ducts - Vanes Engineering

We are consistently focus on following areas and facilitate HVAC Airconditioning field gets benefit.

HVAC Contractors & Projects

Our valuable happy customers and their successful HVAC projects clients.


Our Various range of air conditioning rectangular ducts.

  • All
  • Sec-1
  • Sec-2
  • Sec-3
Rectangular Duct

TDF/TDC Rectangular Duct

Rectangular Ducts - L Profile, Galvanized Iron Duct and TDF ducts.


Rectangular Bends

400mm square ductwork bends. Bends include turning vanes.

TDF Rectangular Offset

Used to realign a duct run to enable it to pass through a confined space.

Reducers/ Tappers (Rectangular)

Used to connect two different various sizes of duct also maintains the air flow.

Butterfly Tee Piece

Helps to Split the airflow for two different direction.

Rectangular Elbow

Helps to reduce significant amount of straight duct & established laminar flow.

Square - Round Connector

Fecilitate connecting the Rectangular duct to round ducts.

Duct Accessories

Various kinds of duct connecting accessories are available.

Butterfly Dampers & Pleanum Boxes

Volume control Dampers & Mixing/ Pleanum Boxes will be manufactured

Factory Team

Well equipped trained & experience team.




Director - Production

Inhouse Team

Skilled & certified candidates

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ducting can i get from Vanes Engineering?

We, Vanes Engineering manufacturing of High Quality and Standard rectangular air conditioning HVAC ducts. Also can avail the AC ducting accessories like Carriage Bolt, Gaskets, Corners, Etc.,

Should i get the air conditioning designing support?

Yes. We support with our effective designing team for all our clients and HVAC contractors for their Air conditioning ducting work.

Should ducting raw materials approved testing?

Yes. Each & every ordered ducting materials will be delivered along with the testing certificates.

Can i get the HVAC Installation support?

Yes. We suggest and refer our reliable HVAC contractors and complete the projects as turnkey type.

How can we contact and approach?

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